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Sunday, December 16, 2007

12-28 2007 Predictions Examined


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      SANTA FE -- Last New Year's Day I made a list of predictions for 2007. Let's see how I did.

      I predicted El Nino would bring us much snow, filling our lakes and reservoirs -- and that most communities would ration water anyway. We had a very wet winter and spring and then La Nina suddenly appeared to dry everything up. And we rationed water.

      I predicted gasoline prices in Santa Fe would mysteriously drop the opening day of the Legislature and just as inexplicably shoot back up the day after lawmakers left town. That was too easy. The Santa Fe oil cartel always arranges that.

      I predicted significant ethics legislation would be introduced amid much fanfare -- and then forgotten. Another easy one. It's happened every year since the state treasurer scandal broke.

      I disputed astrological predictions a comet would devastate the Earth in February. We're still here.

      I predicted lawmakers would spend a billion dollars on pork projects. That was too easy for anyone who knew how much was available and that the Legislature was sure to spend it all.

      I predicted Gov. Bill Richardson would not call a special session. I figured he couldn't work it into his presidential campaign schedule. He tried to get them back, anyway, to try again on ethics reform. But lawmakers told him he was wasting his time.

      I predicted a state government scandal involving top Democrats would be revealed. Another no-brainer. Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson pushed U.S. Attorney David Iglesias to do it for months.

      I predicted Dr. J.R. Damron would win a broadly-contested race for state GOP chairman. It became a possibility, but chairman Allen Weh decided to stay for another term.

      I predicted someone would discover a Nostradamus prophesy that World War III would begin in 2007. It didn't happen, but someone did find a "lost" book of his prophesies that is sure to contain it somewhere. I failed to take into account that no one discovers a Nostradamus prophesy until after the event has occurred.

      I predicted Bill Richardson would embark on a world tour to bring Peace on Earth. Close. He went to Darfur and North Korea. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize again and we haven't gotten ourselves into World War III yet. But it hasn't helped Richardson's presidential chances.

      I predicted John Dendahl would appear from nowhere to become the GOP presidential favorite. Actually, he disappeared to Nowhere, Colo. -- and hasn't been heard from since.

      I predicted Truth or Consequences would change its name to Virgin Galactica at the urging of Sir Richard Branson. Actually T or C seems to have become disinterested in being the gateway to space ever since it was asked to contribute to the spaceport project.

      I predicted Billy the Kid would not be found in a Texas grave. He wasn't, but it was because no one would let Sheriff Steve Sederwall dig.

      I predicted that superstar problem children Terrell Owens and Randy Moss would completely disrupt their new teams. They currently are the top pass receivers in the National Football League on the two best teams in the NFL. Well, there's always next year.

      I predicted Rep. Heather Wilson would not enroll in charm school. She didn't. It shows.

      I predicted former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would return to retirement in New Mexico. He did, but Taos did not throw a welcome home party.

      And I predicted the New Mexico Tourism Department would enter another float in the Rose Parade and that it would depict President Bill Richardson sitting in the Oval Office. I missed badly on envisioning him displaced by three little green men.

      All in all, it wasn't a bad record, far better than any astrologers have ever done. I understand they get paid better than columnists. I'd consider a career change, but I'd have to learn the names of constellations.

   Politicians are far more interesting.

FRI, 12-28-07


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