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Monday, June 30, 2008

Very Very Urgent From ICB BANK.Please Reply Immediately.

This is to remind you once more that your fund which is consficated is now in ECOWAS porce And the bill has been waved,meaning you can be able to get the fund wired into your account if you can not come to ICB BANK head office in GHANA to sign the fund released order.
Furthermore,i will be sending you a waver form certificate and the fund released order documents,once you contact me back through this e-mail or you call me immediately for more directive and instruction,regarding the filling of the waver fund.
Dont hesitate to reply to this mail or call as soon as possible because it is very very urgent as you are opportuned to benefit from the ecowas waver form,for a limited time.
Call me once you receive this mail.

Dr.Kwame Johnson.

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