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Sunday, September 09, 2012

9-12 Keep an eye on those Texans

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SANTA FE – Is it another Texas invasion? It happened in 1841 and again in 1862. Could that be what we're seeing again?
First we elected a governor who grew up in El Paso. Now we have a Miss New Mexico who grew up in Texas and last year was Miss Dallas.
Candace Bennatt moved to Angel Fire last year and was elected Miss Ruidoso this summer. That clearly labels her as a Texan. Texans love our mountains.
Texas came out on the short end of the stick when mountains were divvied up. Guadalupe Mountain, which meanders into New Mexico down south of Carlsbad, is the highest point in Texas.
The lowest point in New Mexico is nearby. So Texans sneak over here to enjoy our mountains – and to win Miss New Mexico pageants some supporters of other contestants say.
But pageant officials assure that they have reviewed Miss Bennatt's papers carefully and found she entered New Mexico legally. She even has a driver's license. We wish her well as she represents New Mexico in the Miss America pageant, which we understand is in January, in Las Vegas.

Speaking of our governor, she still is getting bitten by a surprising number of purloined emails to, from or about her. I enjoy the juicy information but isn't there something illegal about hijacking email not meant for you?
If one does that with telephones, it is called wiretapping, for which a court-ordered search warrant is required. These culprits seem quite willing to identify themselves.

And why does Gov. Martinez dress down for her frequent visits to schools. Pictures show her in jeans with her shirt hanging out. When I taught 50 years ago, I wore a sport coat and tie. I know times have changed. Guess it's a generational thing.

Gov. Martinez was criticized for supporting conservative Democratic legislative candidates in that party's primary elections last spring.
Now we learn that Democratic members of Congress have been supporting candidates in Republican primaries whom they consider easiest to beat. Sen. Harry Reid is said to have done it in Nevada last year in order to get a Tea Party opponent.
More recently Sen. Claire McCaskill did it in Missouri in order to get Todd Akin as an opponent. Politics is becoming a wide open game.

GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan was caught in a prevarication after his convention acceptance speech for claiming to have run a marathon in less than three hours. That's quite a feat. Runner's World magazine listed his time at just over four hours.
Could it be that Ryan, who has a reputation of being a dull numbers guy, wanted to associate himself with Dos Equis beer's "most interesting man in the world" who ran a marathon because it was on his way?

Federal District Judge Bruce Black has sentenced realtor Doug Vaughan to 12 years in prison for bilking 600 investors out of $75 million in an elaborate Ponzi scheme.
Vaughan asked for leniency, which the judge denied, saying that Vaughan was a worse crook than Billy the Kid.
Besides being a distinguished jurist, Judge Black also is quite a historian so I come not to argue his comparison but to add some insights of my own.
It is true that Vaughan stole infinitely more money than Billy. The Kid didn't rob banks, trains or stage coaches. His thievery involved many cattle, some horses and cheating at cards.
What kept getting Billy in trouble was killing people. It really was 6 or 7 victims not the 21 of popular myth. But that is 6 or 7 more than Doug Vaughan. Billy had good reason for most of his killings but when he was in a group that ambushed a sheriff and some deputies, he got the rap.
The big difference between the two is that for his sins Vaughan got 12 years. Billy got death by hanging.


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