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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Newest Billy the Kid Pics fake


You recently may have seen that a second picture of Billy the Kid has been discovered. It is no surprise.

The only authenticated picture of Billy sold a little over a year ago for $2.3 million. Can't you imagine people going through drawers hoping to find a picture that looks like the Kid? Or at least looks enough like Billy that it could be photo-shopped to look even more like him?

According to Billy the Kid experts, that may be what happened in this instances. According to the picture, the person pictured with Billy is Dan Dedrick, a good enough friend that Billy gave him one of the four tintypes from the day the one authenticated picture was taken.

But leading Western historians say the people pictured are not either the Kid or Dedrick.

How long will it take for this doctored photo to meet its death? It may be quite a while. A third picture claiming to be Billy has now emerged at a private museum in New Mexico.

Billy the Kid has captured the minds of so many.


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